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Google's interpretation of Apple's AirDrop, Nearby Share, is now officially out of beta for Windows. (

Nearby Share is a very apt name - it basically describes exactly what the entire point of it is. You can use it to quickly (and easily) share stuff between Android phones, regardless of maker. And starting today, you can use it to share files between Windows PCs and Android devices.


The real reason seems to be clear: data and revenue. Like other automakers, GM is looking to monetize data-driven add-on features and services. They’re hoping to achieve profit margins of over 20% on “new businesses” by 2030, and the all-new subscription-based infotainment system will play the central part.

This is a familiar approach; every automaker now wants to be the next Netflix of the auto industry, where your car becomes another subscription service.

GM’s competitor, Ford, is also vying for a slice of this pie, aiming to create a “software-defined vehicle” with over-the-air updates and paid features.

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