ĝis la revido kaj dankon pro ĉiuj fiŝoj!

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" As long as there is organic carbon in the soil for the microbes to break down, the fuel cell can potentially last forever.”

It’s also a stationary battery

“Although the entire device is buried, the vertical design ensures that the top end is flush with the ground’s surface.”

TheOneWithTheHair, (edited )

The fact that AI can produce this is impressive as to where we have come with AI. But can this actually threaten human artists?

In the United States, a federal judge ruled in 2023 that AI artwork cannot meet federal copyright standards because “Copyright law is ‘limited to the original intellectual conceptions of the author’.” With no author, there is no copyright.

~~www.makeuseof.com/copyright-rules-ai-art/~~See u/Even_Adder@lemmy.dbzer0.com 's article below.

“The answer will depend on the circumstances, particularly how the AI tool operates and how it was used to create the final work,” the office said.

Under current US law, that song is probably now in the public domain. If the law changes, that could mean that in the future, music charts potentially could be filled with AI songs. As it stands, this is most-likely a public domain music machine cranking out music that anyone can use royalty-free. It depends on the interpretation of the courts.


The authors may be dead, but they did exist. The work had an author.


If you’re going to use a character some human ever created, hire a lawyer. The House of Mouse has their own lawyers.


Fair enough,


If the autogenerated art becomes too close to copyrighted art, then you’ll have humans suing AI generators.

George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord is very similar to He’s So Fine by the Chiffons. And that was an easy case. But some cases in requires deeper analysis, such as Lana Del Ray’s Get Free.

In January 2018, singer Lana Del Rey claimed that Radiohead were suing her because of alleged similarities between their 1992 debut single Creep, and her song Get Free, from her 2017 album Lust for Life. The band’s publishers Warner/Chappell subsequently denied taking legal action, but did confirm requesting credit for “all writers” of Creep.

The Guardian spoke to a professional composer to analyse the songs, who noted that the chords used are rare in pop music, and the melodies bear an uncanny resemblance, although in conclusion “imagined the similarities are unintentional”.


If AI is sampling, then how do you defend it being unintentional? While all Radiohead sought was credit on the writing (in this case), would humans (whose livelihood is being threatened) be so generous with an AI composition? And if the music industry is threatened by AI, they will lawyer up.


Not all. Not on desktop. You can use it with the IOS app. I asked it

ĉu mi povas uzi la komputilon? (which is Esperanto for “Can I use the computer?”) and without skipping a heartbeat, it replied back in Esperanto,

Jes, vi povas uzi vian komputilon. Kiel mi povas helpi vin? (“Yes, you can use your computer. How can I help you?”)

Can we all agree on this one thing, that most people hate ai, but the bots on lemmy are an acception since they bring life to the communities when activities dries up.

most people hate ai, but the bots on lemmy are an acception since they bring life to the communities when activities dries up. I mean- am I wrong here?thoughts? opinions?


Some bots I tolerate, others not so much, so I block those. The ones that just mine another site for any new content, I block, as I could just go to that site and read it. The piped.video bot that provides an alternate to youtube (when the piped.video link actaully works) I allow, because Youtube will eventual defeat my work around. So it’s more personal taste.


In the 1980’s DC’s Legion of Superheroes (set in the future) basically played D&D around a computer and presumably with AI. So this time, the Simpsons didn’t predict it first.




Replace the TW with SH. Simple, but palpable rebranding of TWitter.

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