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New Priming Method Improves Battery Life by Up to 44% (scitechdaily.com)

Engineers from Rice University make advancements in prelithiation and unravel the mechanism of lithium trapping. The potential of silicon anode batteries to transform energy storage solutions is pivotal in addressing climate objectives and fully realizing the capabilities of electric vehicles. N

Companies Think Their Idiot Customers Will Accidentally Cancel Their Subscriptions if It's Too Easy | Trade groups told the FTC a simple "Click-to Cancel" proposal to easily quit subscriptions coul... (gizmodo.com)

Trade groups told the FTC a simple “Click-to Cancel” proposal to easily quit subscriptions could actually lead customers to miss out on hot new deals.

OpenAI makes GPT-4 generally available (news.yahoo.com)

Starting this afternoon, all existing OpenAI API developers “with a history of successful payments” can access GPT-4. GPT-4 can generate text (including code) and accept image and text inputs – an improvement over GPT-3.5, its predecessor, which only accepted text – and performs at “human level” on various...

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