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Which FOSS degoogled Android rom would you recommend?


(you can recommend googled roms, just let me know it is)

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Anyone have thoughts on iodeOS in this conversation? Thats what I was last considering. It’d be interesting if folks shared their thought on the pros & cons of the options they’re familiar with

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Cybersecurity Training Center In Pune At WebAsha Technologies

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Is this an ad?

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Cybersecurity Courses In Pune | Boost Your Career At WebAsha Technologies

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Premier Cybersecurity Training Institute In Pune | WebAsha Technologies

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Online Cybersecurity Courses Offered By WebAsha Technologies

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Online Cybersecurity Training Institute | Empowering Cybersecurity Professionals!

This Online cybersecurity training institute is an essential tool for cybersecurity professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest threats and trends. This training can cover many topics, including network security, cryptography, malware analysis, incident response, and risk management.

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@piracy Do cracked apps still send data to Google/Android or they bypass them?

I was wondering if while using (trusted) cracked apps they still send data to Google, Android, Meta, etc. or to the app owner.


On android with root what’s the best firewall to use? The ‘rootless’ ones using Android VPN features are really inefficient.

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It really depends on how it was cracked and the use case of the app. Some of them may have it patched out but others won’t. Play it safe unless you know for sure.

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Interesting explanation about what really went wrong with Optus last week.

The short version: it looks like Optus doesn't control its own core network. Its parent company Singapore Telecom does. Optus just resells it.

Which is why Optus' CEO was so vague about what the issue actually was: she was protecting her bosses in Singapore.


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Elon's "extremely hardcore" toxic work culture means people are forced to take Adderall without a prescription to meet their workload. Just ask SpaceX employees.

"Some SpaceX workers resorted to taking Adderall to keep up with the pace of work at the company's launch facility, and others found themselves falling asleep in the bathroom during long workweeks, a recent Reuters investigation found.

"Travis Carson, a former SpaceX worker at the company's facility in Brownsville, Texas, told Reuters some workers took Adderall — a stimulant designed to help people with ADHD improve their focus and concentration levels — without a prescription to keep up with the pace of work."


What a nightmare!

#X @technology

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@ajsadauskas @technology ok, who wants to go into space with equipment made by people that can barely stay awake?


Methamphetamine is serotonergic. Adderall is not. Methamphetamine tends to induce psychosis that makes the user hostile and dangerous. Adderall certainly can, but the chances of that happening are hardly comparable. There are numerous valid reasons why meth has an extreme stigma and Adderall does not. Attempting to infect Adderall with that stigma makes life so much harder for people like me who can’t function without taking it. People ought to be precise with their language when they talk about things they understand, and they ought to be silent about things they don’t understand. Other than to ask questions to attempt to understand of course, but how often does that happen?

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Is ProtonVPN worth it?


Got reminded of this while reading about ProtonMail. The reason I haven't gotten into proper is that I don't have a VPN for torrenting, and the reason I don't have a VPN is that I don't . So it would be nice if I got a good VPN while myself.

Will ProtonVPN rat me out to Comcast? I know some VPNs don't hide what you're downloading from your ISP, for reasons I don't fully understand.


You’ve had two people who’ve tried to help you now, because you’re comments are clearly coming from a perspective of a person “without piracy experience” (your words).

My guy I probably have more experience with this than you do. I’ve been doing it for literally years. The only thing I haven’t used is usenet. I might one day but the only advantage I can see is more consistent download speed.

No idea what you’re talking about. I was genuinely trying to provide advice and assistance.

Really? You talk as if I have no understanding of basic computer terminology like SSL. Like I know these things are encrypted. If you didn’t realize this bittorrent protocol can also be encrypted. Dosen’t stop them seeing who you are connecting to. Since piracy websites are banned you would have a hard time even accessing them without a VPN. Even if they can’t see what you’re downloading specifically they can still see you are accessing a piracy website - imagine trying to use that defense in court.

figure out the problem with using BitTorrent or uTorrent on you’re own

I was refering to the proctol. You can just say bittorrent since it’s a protocol. I don’t use either of these clients specifically I mainly use qBittorrent.

What problem are you even referring to?


My guy I probably have more experience with this than you do.

Based on you’re comments in this thread, no.

It’s weird you’re recommending advanced tools like Prowlarr to someone without piracy experience

You said the quote above, not me. So which is it? You have more experience than me, or you’re “someone without piracy experience?”

Really? You talk as if I have no understanding of basic computer terminology like SSL.

How in the world would I know who you are and what your experience level is with SSL? I was simply providing a thorough answer to you or anyone else who would care to read it later. That’s all. Not everything is a personal jab at you and your fragile psyche. You’re being overly sensitive about a non-issue.

imagine trying to use that defense in court.

For the vast majority of people, that’s never going to happen. If that’s something that definitely can happen in your country (from just viewing a piracy website) then name your country in your comments so most people don’t get confused. Otherwise, you’re blowing it way out of proportion.

I was refering to the proctol. You can just say bittorrent since it’s a protocol. I don’t use either of these clients specifically I mainly use qBittorrent.

And this confusion is generally why most knowledgeable users talk about “torrenting” instead of naming the protocol, which is also the name of a torrent client that is widely used by newer & uninformed users.

Looking at your post history, its clear you just like to argue. Maybe that’s why you thought I was talking down to you, because that’s something you try to do to other people. I came here to help. This conversation is over.

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The reason for Android's Notification system being better than iOS, is solely due to the ability to turn off individual aspects of an application's notifications.

Google, the poor multi-billion dollar scrappy startup that maintains Android, made a payment app that has one notification setting, "Google Pay". So all the ads, promotions, everything.

3rd party apps like PhonePe & Paytm have a better system.

How do you manage to maintain this OS?

@MishaalRahman @androidfaithful @android @android

This is from India. I don't know about the rest of the world.


Let’s be honest though: Android’s notification system has been better than iOS’s since long before this feature was added. I’d still take Android 7’s notifications over iOS’s.

Though to be fair, my experience with iOS notifications in recent versions is on iPad, not iPhone. So it might be better than I think nowadays

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Russia Takes Its Ukraine Information War Into Video Games


Propaganda is appearing in and other popular games and discussion groups as the tries to win over new audiences.…


I think all propaganda is equally bad. Putting certain ones on pedestals because “At least it isn’t XYZ” doesn’t jive with me, and it distracts from the real issue.

False equivalence and whataboutism is not helping anyone.

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I played it. Died at least once an hour. Not sure how it would serve its goal of getting recruits to join the army by dying several times per day in the game.

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@starwars THE POETRY OF STAR WARS. Emperor Palpatine's Speech to the Senate in STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH is written in 9 enclosed quatrains where there's a rhymed couplet sandwiched in between an unrhymed couplet. So the rhyme scheme is this: abbc, deef, ghhi, etc...If I were to perform this poem, I would speak the rhymed lines with great volume and tone than the unrhymed lines and put a brief pause between each stanza.


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