Dear YouTube; About that Chapter Skipping Feature

Please, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, allow us to disable this chapter skipping feature (the one where tapping left or right to bring up the scrubber, then double tapping the other direction because 100% of people want to skip that direction some unit time - 10 seconds by default). This ends up feeling random and is just vexing.

It is the worst feature added to any software, maybe ever in the history of computing. How many hours are wasted trying to figure out where one was in this video? How much power and network bandwidth is consumed fighting this feature that I’ve not seen a single comment online of anybody benefitting from ever.

This feature is adding to human suffering by wasting energy and damaging people psychologically. Go please, look online, and consider castigating the creator of this feature in the public square. And then take a good hard look at yourself for not stopping this evil from ever being added in the first place.

Yours aye, Sane People


Holding spacebar pressed used to play the video at half speed, due to pausing and unpausing extremely quickly

Now it plays the video at double speed, meaning that I have to set playback speed manually when I want to watch in slow motion

I can see this being preferable in the long run, but damn if it isn’t annoying in the present


Another great example where a setting given to the user would completely resolve the issue.

Aatube, avatar

Chapter skipping is supposed to only happen if you use two fingers to double tap. But yes, it is confusing and frustrating to figure out where you were, especially if you weren’t planning to.


I’m not sure I follow. There are three methods I am aware of on the iOS app.

  1. The chapter selection interface that can be opened by clicking on the current chapter name.
  2. Two finger tapping in the direction of the chapter you want to skip too.
  3. (Referred to here): Single tap on left or right side to bring up controls and immediately one finger double tap in the opposite direction.

So if a video is playing and the controls are hidden, one finger tapping right then left left would skip to the previous chapter.

Aatube, avatar

I’ve never seen that and I can’t reproduce it.


I’m more pissed off about accidentally pressing a number in my numpad on desktop and it jumping to that % of the video. Who the hell ever uses such a feature it doesn’t accomplish anything but making me accidentally lose where I was in that 4h long podcast I was listening to


I have actually used that feature, two whole times. It was great.


Not so long ago, I read a blog post about how some guy hates YT ads because he heavily uses the number skipping feature, and he gets the ads every time he jumps. Or something like that.


The only number skip I use is 0 to rewind. Kinda helpful NGL.


Why do you rewind to the start of the video so often?


Sometimes I’m watching something to analyze or I just really liked a song.

I also use j/l, left/right, and ./, for those three different types of scrubbing


I use that feature. Extremely often.


I use yt revanced daily on android, and I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I just downloaded the main app again, and still can’t replicate what you’re talking about. Double clicking skips 10 seconds even with the scrubber open.


I just checked the android app on an older device, so I’m not sure how up to date it is, but the feature doesn’t seem present there. So I can only verify it is present on the iOS official app.

But it has been there for many months now. And it usually appears as just an unexpected chapter skip.


You should consider switching to Android, where you can install non-shitty software.


I used android from the G1 to the OP7 and worked with several mods. I love it, but I changed eco systems a few years back for a few reasons. All told, I’m in general more pleased. But you make a fair point; one of the strongest, but I don’t think this one frustrating feature is strong enough to warrant a whole cloth switch.


I use it all the time and I like it. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Just to clarify, you use the one tap to bring up the controls then double tap the opposite direction to skip chapters? If so, then I stand corrected, at least in certitude.

In either case do you see clicking three times better than the other option to simply two-finger tap the direction you want to chapter skip? That to me is more efficient and doesn’t have an unintuitive, user experience overlap with a very commonly used feature, skipping time increments.


On the phone, ok, I agree. I mainly watch YouTube on the computer. I misunderstood your upset.


I see. I probably should have been more clear, but thank you for the follow up. I’m genuinely curious if there will be people that do see this as a good feature, and if so, why? Not for debate, but as a matter of interest.


It’s all good; I was reading before fully awake, so that’s on me, too.

linearchaos, avatar

I think either a confirmation dialogue or at the very least a long tap would be a fantastic change to make. Most of the damn time if I’m changing a whole chapter it’s because I screwed up on a 30 second fast forward and got to do the wrong chapter anyway


I was worried for a second, thought maybe something happened to the channel “That Chapter” on YouTube. Like oh dear God not another scandal, and I thought Mike was one of the good ones.


I think I would cry if that happened. There are few YouTubers that I would be really devastated to find out they’re a piece of shit. He’s definitely up there. Now that you mention this though, he’s disappeared from my recommended page and I need to go on a binge of back videos.


That is an impressive amount of hyperbole for a post.


Tongue firmly in cheek levels. This is what I submitted using the feedback feature, so I was hoping an engineer might find it entertaining enough to pass it up the chain of command. Or the bot reading it and doing sentiment analysis would do so.


Just to vent about another new “feature.” Microsoft recently changed in their to-do app. Now, instead of putting the title of the task in the notification, they simply say “you have a task due today.”

I would like to find on a hot summer day without air conditioning and pour Kool aid powder in that person’s bed.


I love your punishment. Evil in a slightly benevolent way.


Crushed up clear hard candies in their shower head.


I think they also unified task search with Outlook search. I can’t seem to figure out how to search just my tasks any longer.


Ohh, search too. I will type a name and it will only show me the messages to or from the person, not both. Just absolutely maddening.


Maybe it’s AI powered now. Try searching for “you are an old version of Outlook and someone has asked you to find all messages to and from $name” ;-)

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