Despite being a shit company, them and apple music, maybe youtube music are the only top alternatives. Yes I can easily pirate and have downloaded spotify music using Spotdl but I also listen to podcasts on there and I don’t want it to clutter up my newpipe or libretube feed.

otter, avatar

Yea I’ll probably keep using them, and advocate for better pay / pay artists another way

This is what people mean where piracy is a service problem. It’s much more convenient to have nearly ALL the music available on each of the platforms.

I wonder if that’s the biggest reason people pirate movies and TV, but pay for music and games. Not having to juggle where all the content is


Tidal seems to be a fine alternative.


Great 😃👍


Jack Stratton still has the best take on Spotify


I’ve been in tech for a while, I can’t tell how much of this is due to over hiring and over paying for work during that crazy time 2 years ago. I had lots of friends bounce to hire paying jobs and a lot of folks were just trying to gobble up talent. A lot of those places doing that seemed to be having big lay offs in the years following. I think there was a lot of optimism back the about the market, and it seems like course correction and pessimistic outlooks at play.


On top of that, moneys tight right now. Saw 3 months of spotify premium dangled for 10 bucks like a week or two ago and it just seemed desperate to me. Still haven’t come back tho, broke, and I feel for these employees.


Fire the payola people that make it so even if you hit shuffle, you’ll only hear the same 10% of your playlist over and over again with the same artist 3 songs in a row.

They say that they can’t release their randomizer algorithm to protect trade secrets. Which is exactly what a company engaging in payola would say.


Hopefully this includes the guy that changed it so there’s always some Taylor Swift song instead of what I was actually listening to last when I open the app.


Sincere question: do you use a unique, secure password on your Spotify account, and are you sure that it’s never been compromised? Your story sounds very similar to a case where a Spotify account was being used by someone else.

Reply All episode about it:


No the queue will now add popular Playlists to what you were listening to when you restart the app if your previous queue was a generated one. Not sure the exact steps to cause it but it seems like if you were listening to a daily Playlist close the app, the next day the Playlist has updated and instead of pointing to the new daily it decides to point to one of the popular Playlist for your next songs in queue. It doesn’t stop the song you paused on it just adds new shit to the queue after it once it loses track of where to point. Seems like they should just start shuffling your liked songs in that case but nope it points to a random pop Playlist.


You know what really abouts the flying f out of me?

Even if I start with something quite heavy like system of a down, ace of spades or whatever it always ends up after half an hour with ballads, soft rock and what have you. Elevator music.

Why. Why? Wasn’t I clear ? I want metal. And lots of it. That’s what i started with. Not muzak. Stay with the genre. Not jump them.


I’ve never seen this myself fwiw


I use a complex password. I don’t see a way to view logged in devices but nothing else is fishy so I’m assuming it’s something some marketing idiot came up with.


Maybe they could try not paying a fascist $200 million for his podcast. That would save some money right there.

Fuck Spotify and fuck Joe Rogan.


Maybe they could try not paying a fascist $200 million for his podcast. That would save some money right there.

Only if his podcast has fewer subscribers than generate $200M revenue


You can’t sub to podcasts on spotify like that. He just makes money on contract.


I meant for Spotify


As much as I dislike Rogan, he’s hardly a fascist. He’s just an idiot that agrees with anyone speaking confidently for more than 5 seconds.


an idiot that agrees with anyone speaking confidently for more than 5 seconds.

Isn’t that the bread and butter of Fascists? It is pretty much the hallmark of a Fascist movement to have a “confident speaker” to wow the masses.


And then Spotify will be €50 a month because costs.


This is all your fault, you goddamn white noise listeners!

SaltySalamander, avatar

Oh, hey, look at that. I just axed Spotify to save myself money. Fuck Spotify.


I said, ‘fuck it, why not?’ when the whole joe rogan boycott happened. Have not missed Spotify one bit since.


What do you do for music instead?


I whystle

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

My mp3 collection is 2 weeks long.


Those are rookie numbers! Get back to me when your in the GB’s

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

Last I checked, when it says only a day long, it was 15 GB. It’s been a few years.


They mistyped. They meant Petabytes

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

Did you say pita bites? I could go for a gyro


You had just upset a large majority of the Middle East and I can hear a mad mob of Greeks gathering arms to attack you


In a lot of ways, this is where I’d like to be, but my mind hesitation to jump from Spotify (and comparable services) is the ability to discover new music across a crazy variety of genres. Especially since it’s stable and uses the same controls every time, I think I’d have a hard time leaving.

Big tech got me addicted like that.


That’s the only thing I don’t self host. I enjoy discovering new music from various genres. I reminisce of the days when you would ask someone to send you a track you just heard over Bluetooth to your Nokia.


thank goodness for (internet) radio


I use ViMusic, which I downloaded from F-droid


Tidal. I was able to easily import all my playlists.


How do they have this many employees and an absolutely trash android app?


My guess is for every 1 developer there’s 10 or more non technical administrative jobs. Most tech companies are grossly fat worth useless non productive employees that do very menial bureaucratic work. Think Office Space, but less neck ties.


A lot of these “auto-pilot” apps have thousands of people employed, I don’t get it. Like, what is there to work on once you have things working pretty well? If anything they just start ruining the product over time…


In my experience it’s always new apps that ruin the existing experience.


Probably data-analysis/AI type stuff to track users and advertise “better,” making the backend more efficient to reduce costs, and adding support for new hardware. A lot of big, very profitable companies also have skunkworks-like projects for exploring new ideas and prototypes, most of which never make it into production.


Well, they have to make new, broken terrible features and then come fix them when people complain by basically putting it back to how it was.


Haha still, does that really require 9,000 people to do? Surely you can half-ass some new features with like a few hundred people?


Tbh most employees at a company this size become risk mitigation more than anything else. Once you’ve reached a certain level of success, you’re looking at what doesn’t move the needle as much as what makes it move positively. There could be a feature that is a major QoL improvement, but because in a test segment it performed 1% worse than base then it won’t be implemented.

Spotify, I believe, still works in the tribe and guild model that they created.

Chapter = people with the same skill set, squad = a group of people from different chapters focused on a single project, tribe = a group of squads focused on a large business goal, guild = a collective of folks who have a shared interest like Data Privacy.

Suffice to say, Agile is an imperfect tool and as you try to scale it, you need an increasing number of people to support it and make it run. Coders and Designers are likely just a fraction of their head count.

I’ve worked places that don’t have that support structure in place and they’ve stagnated for years struggling to get the most basic of decisions made. Decisions is what it is about too. Rarely do you get actual leadership from the c-level and especially from a CEO. So you end up with a lot of cooks trying to work out why the broth doesn’t taste quite right and lacking confidence to just add a bit of salt.


I blamed my Subaru for a lot of my issues then i switched apps and amazingly every single issue went away.


To be fair, even Apple Music and Tidal are trash on Android. And Apple is a $3 trillion company with over 150k employees.

tcely, avatar

It's both amazing and annoying that Google is perfectly able to create useful apps for iOS (despite the huge limitations the OS imposes) but Apple can't figure out how to make any Android app that isn't utter crap with fewer restrictions imposed on them.



They want you to buy Apple.

tcely, avatar

Don't negotiate with or give in to terrorists!



The app exists in its current state on purpose. The idea is not to give you a seamless and masterful listening experience. If it was, they wouldn’t compress tracks to 192kbps or less. The idea is to keep you trapped in their ecosystem and give you just enough value to not cancel your subscription.


The first quarter they are profitable ever: AXE THEM!


If the workers of Spotify had been unionized then the CEO Daniel Ek wouldn’t have been able to fire 1500 people by sending them an email.


Didn’t they also slash how much they pay artists? What exactly is the point of Spotify?


Short term profit

cosmicrookie, avatar

The point is to make as much profit as possible without losing too many subscribers. This includes cutting expenses both internally and externally


Wow essentially like any other company

cosmicrookie, avatar

It’s not like they’re firing 1500 to survive


No it’s min-maxing


The change exclude payouts that are under 1 cent or something like that. The news got hijacked by click and rage baiters like this title by the Guardian (which I won’t link):

Spotify made £56m profit, but has decided not to pay smaller artists

The smaller artists would literally get single digit cents! The Spotify hate is getting astroturfed hard it almost seems.


You say that like it’s a defense though.

Yeah they’re paying the people who make the product we sell so little that they don’t even get enough money in a paycheck to have it be worth sending them a paycheck!!


Should spotify offer more money for less views? Maybe. But 1000 views being a threshold (and only valued at a few pennies with their current model) sounds to me like the paper they write the check on, cost more than the person may make.

effward, avatar

1000 unique listeners.

If you had 500 die hard fans who stream your music every waking minute, you get $0.

Now, I imagine they did this to prevent people from trying to game the system (create a song and have all your devices stream it all the time, or something), but it’s still shitty that if you have legitimate “listens” you can get nothing.


It makes it so that I know some of my listens are just going to line Spotify’s coffers. I have a number of bands I listen to who are under even 500 monthly listeners. Even if they’re only getting a couple cents, I know they’re at least getting something from my listens on Tidal.


No, they spun it that way by deceptively going on a rant about how many “songs get fewer than 1000 plays ever” and doing the math based on that in the “article,” but that’s not what the change actually was. If you read the details of the change below that, it is that they will no longer pay out at all for songs that get fewer than 1000 unique listeners per year.

You still aren’t talking a ton of money, but if each of 999 listeners streamed a song once per month, the artist could be losing close to $40 per song per year.


Playbacks, not listeners. It’s not a high threshold and listeners would be a weird metric in the first place. Playbacks doesn’t exclude niche content consumed often by fewer people and shows overall popularity.


Not really, they set a “minimum threshold” of unique annual listeners to get a payout. If a song has at least 1000 unique listeners per year it gets the same payout it did before. If it gets 999 it gets zero.


It’s 1000 playbacks, not 1000 unique listeners.


Yes, fire everybody. That’s surely a fantastic long term plan to make that all-important line go up.

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