ProtonMail and SimpleLogin emails will be blocked from registering on websites

This makes me 😭

UPDATE: Thanks @nekusoul for this update: The issue has now been commented on and was closed by the maintainer, where they explained why those blocks would be nonsense. But it appears the OP wants to still talk with maintainer privately about it.

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Also this list blocks it too…/422

Please help!


From 2018, I have been using fake emails for signup on websites that I am sure I wouldn’t be using again.

In rare occasion that I do keep using the website, I change it to one of my ‘useful’ mails. This has kept so much spam at bay for me.


Every ~3 to ~5 years I change my free email addresses (gmail, hotmail/outlook, yahoo, etc.). Although, I don’t use yahoo anymore.

I have turned a few of my old gmail accounts into spam mail trawlers as I “Gotta catch ’em all! ” and every time I have to make a temporary or single use account for a service I want to check out/try or I just foresee making only a single purchase I always use a gmail account+alias if they don’t have a guest checkout option. The old gmail accounts are checked quarterly on a if-I-remember basis but at least once a year.

On first contact with any business, services or people I have never met in person I usually give a newer gmail address I check biweekly in case my forwarding filter missed something important.

Moreover, I use gmail incoming mail rules to forward copies of important keywords and specific email address to my 2 professional (redundant) emails for which I enabled notification on my phone, main desktop and workplace.

Gmail is so ubiquitous and well trusted that I can pretty much use it in any input forms for registration or verification. Their spam filter is also pretty good (not always) to skip/pre-filter obvious phishing and scam emails.

Even though I have already moved away or avoided Google, Microsoft, Meta/Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, TikTok, Wechat, Temu, PayPal, Sony, etc. I occasionally still have to indirectly deals with them on a limited case-by-case but specific situations.

By excluding so many excellent email services they are inadvertently making sure that Gmail, Outlook and other allegedly “reputable” free emails services slowly become a junk/spam/marketing email dump that few would want to enable constant notification for and fewer would want to delve into and sift through daily.

Sorry, this became a long rambling rant about all the layer of protections I have to use nowadays to just avoid wasting energy and attention on the profusion of spam/useless emails.


This happens to me occasionally already as a paid Fastmail user. I switched from Gmail about a year ago and I can’t change my existing Yahoo account to use Fastmail.

I get it, we deal with fraud and abuse from throwaway emails all day at work, but it is frustrating for sure.


Hmm worrying. I switched to Fastmail too and use a lot of their ‘masked emails’. No problems so far, touch wood

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Power Users: Block all emails that aren’t Gmail or Outlook!

Also Power Users: Why are Google and Microsoft monopolies!?


Can someone please explain to me why they can’t create the account even if it is used as disposable? Storing one text file with the login on their side does not cost much storage at all.


Because they want to sell it and spam it.


Would it help if they could check if the account is older than one month?


I guess this is why spamgourmet became almost unusable in recent years. It’s a pity because the service is effective at blocking spam but I can imagine there is abuse potential.

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That was a fun read.


Based fakefilter suggestions

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Thanks for adding an update to your post OP. Good to know cool heads prevailed!


Truly a sad day for poppy heads


Am I the one one thinking this post is blowing the topic way out of proportion?

The post title is clickbait in its purest form: nothing is being blocked (from what even). There is a single issue raised on some obscure filter list… This has no consequences whatsoever. I am wondering why Protonmail even bothers to comment on this issue…


Admittedly the title is pretty sensationalist. The repo activity seems to indicate that the project has some users. It’s impossible to know how many sites or which sites block emails contained in this list and what the impact might be. Even though I think the 7c/fakefilter project is inane, I would hesitate to say there would be no consequences at all.

It’s best to defend legitimate email providers whenever possible. If we don’t, those with an axe to grind get to define the provider’s reputation.

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The issue has now been commented on and was closed by the maintainer, where they explained why those blocks would be nonsense.

Hilariously, the issue creator still hasn’t given up and is now trying to communicate with the maintainer privately. 🙃

I’d really want to know what’s driving them. Surely no sane person would be this persistent without some ulterior motives?


I’d really want to know what’s driving them

likely ego


He’s such a manchild, it’s unbelievable. Won’t budge when talked to in a friendly manner, will lash out if someone else calls him out, and will continue to complain in responses to civil people, saying nobody is being civil and whatnot, just for the sake of adding fuel to the fire. He got sat the fuck down by the repo owner, and the schadenfreude is fucking delicious.


They have a repo named reeeeeeeeeee that only contains basically an empty I don’t like to generalize but that speaks volumes.


Pun intended?


I am missing some Internet lore. Can you summarize the first of the volumes? Is it 4chan adjacent?

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But did they add


If that’s the case, they should also block Gmail.

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They did, the maintainer commented that they weren’t going to add Gmail and proton mail.

Pika, (edited )

Do keep in mind, it seems like protonmail is considered a whitelisted domain in the eyes of lead that’s running that project. I say this because if you go under the issues page of it and then select the whitelist issue which is the issue that he uses to keep track of every domain that will not be blacklisted, protonmail appears there. That being said the others don’t appear.


I love how dense OP was that he didn’t even acknowledge the white-list and was acting like he was the authority (or the sheriff) on this topic, with nothing to back him up whatsoever.

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