Fibre optics can be used to measure a remarkable number of properties.

The electrical transmission industry makes significant use of fibreoptic current sensors, and distributed fibreoptic temperature sensors.

The latter is particularly useful as you can measure the temperature at any point along the fibre’s length, allowing you to detect hot-spots in cables.

Cicadas are pretty loud; I’m sure you can pick up much quieter things with a fibreoptic microphone.

theodewere, avatar

the cicadas around here were so loud and dense this year, they chased the birds away.. i had a huge population of song birds all spring and summer in my garden.. then the cicadas spawned and took over the trees and all the airwaves.. the birds just fucked off to i don't know where, and i'm sure it's just because they couldn't hear themselves over the immense buzzing..

MaggiWuerze, avatar

I would’ve assumed them to view it as an open air buffet. Interesting that they would rather flee


Get a cat, it takes care if the cicadas, although the birds might not be happy either


This leaves cicadas susceptible to a very effective side channel attack

theodewere, avatar

their strengths are pan-frequency dominance and total theater saturation.. and impressive individual capabilities, i had one fire up his amplifier about a foot above my head, and i just stood there in awe of the little monster's raw sonic prowess..


Alien creatures that whose attack vector is sound and can be everywhere at once is low key terrifying. They could just vibrate you to death.

MaggiWuerze, avatar

Wouldn’t that basically work like a microwave?

theodewere, avatar

no joke, one little cicada can produce a thought cancelling amount of sound close up

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Get it guys…

It’s an article about wires… ON WIRED?!?

Please downvote me, I’m sorry


Wait until Buzzfeed writes about it


Please conduct yourself.


Why would we PUNish you?


Fiber optics aren’t wires, though.


I wish they wouldn’t shine light on it

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