OP, do you need more cats? I have a lot of doodles.

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thank you very much but I will redesign it myself!! Maybe I can consider that, thank you!!


Mascot is cute indeed ! Keep up the good work, ignore the haters, start small, progress and don’t lose hope ! Thanks for sharing and take care.


can’t believe someone in these comments decided being transphobic is going to make this guy a better coder

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it’s ok don’t worry, I saw the original comment and that was a strong insult!!!


OP, don’t listen to these trolls. Every dev starts small and keeps growing as long as they keep practicing. Constructive criticism is good, bashing someone who just did this for fun on the premise of hurr durr 200 lines is not a good way to encourage new FOSS devs. I remember when I was happy my code executed well with only 15 lines of code, and now codebases of thousand of lines a file is routine. Good luck to you and everyone trying their best to learn and improve.

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thank you very much for that!!!

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Poor interface, looks like something designed by a tranny


Now add support for flacs and you might get a decent user base

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thank you, you can make a pull request if you’d like to, but either way that is noted for future update!!

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my next project will be a lightweight desktop environment.


I don’t want to bash on what you’ve created but the entire project is not even 200 lines. All you’ve done here is tie together some libs that do it all for you. Seems werid to self advertise something this low effort…


I mean, I couldn’t do it, so


If you have any familiarity with Python at all this is like a couple hour adventure. Seeing as they created the repo as of 7 hours ago and the commit being the entire, finished python script is also 7 hours old it’s safe to assume it didn’t take the author very long to create.

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it’s just an archive for future reference!! Plus I don’t have a lot to do so doing this is fun!!



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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

If they’re just starting this might be their moment to show off something they’re picking up as they go - don’t shit on that. And advertise? It’s a free/open code. It’s a show and tell, let them be proud. Maybe in a few year’s they’ll build the next open source, federated Spotify competitor. For now, let them bask in the glory of making something fun.


I agree with you, though it’s funny that VLC already supports playing folders 😆


My take is that not everyone can do it. It is created and can be used too meet a need.



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