Serious question: would you sell your biometric data, and the rights to it? And what’s the price, realistically?


That was less than 24hours ago. Let’s just wait what happens.

Either Microsoft buys Kenya or Sam Altman is promoted to King of Narnia.


finally, ubi might be a good idea, but money for iris scans doesnt seem right


Here before 38 million of Kenya’s 53 million population demand the government steps down and reinstates Altman.


I understand and appreciate the carefully calculated 5÷7 reference




I think that the major issue is that they were paying a one time fee for whatever rights they claimed about the biometrics. They should be paying monthly fees instead.


I don’t think you can enforce a monthly fee for something thrown onto a blockchain. People have talked about putting rent payments on the blockchain, and privacy issues aside, each month of rent is unique. You only get one set of retinas!

A lot of cryptocurrency evangelists have tried getting people to put literally anything on the blockchain, including their own personal data, promising “once it’s there, people will pay you for it, you have total governance of your data!” without mentioning once somebody purchases that data and unlocks it, they can just copy it as easily as the average person copies monkey pictures, but with far more potential resale value (compared to getting people to purchase a stolen PNG, at least).

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i'm with Kenya on this.. why would anyone allow Sam Altman to scan their eyeballs?


I can only think of two, completely contradictory reasons

  • Actually needs the money
  • Has plenty of money, thinks this will get them even more

I forgot he was the eyeball guy.


I think every article that mentions him should mention the third world biometric-buying scheme he had in some way or another.

The cryptocurrency (and… The value of people’s identities?) dropped 10% with the news of the firing, btw.


Fuckin lmao

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