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I can confirm this. I signed up for the free trial of YT Premium (which I immediately cancelled, but I’ll take the three months) but YT seems to be detecting that I’m on Firefox and have Ublock installed, so I’m getting the occasional 5 second forced delay, even though I’m a premium user. (They may not count the trial as being a “true” premium user, I’d suspect.)

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Let’s hope Europe stars investigating Google as a gatekeeper. That seemed to work miracles on Apple.


I regret being complicit in allowing these silicon valley behemoths to reach a point where they’re indelibly linked to practically every aspect of the average person’s digital life.

At least the Fediverse and Lemmy are showing the way forward.

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It’s long past time to flesh out our antitrust laws to deal with these greedy tech giants.


What is the extension they use in the video to spoof Chrome?


They do the same shit for Google search results. Search weather or stock tickers with a Chrome user agent* and you get a rich, interactive chart of the weather forecast or stock history. Search with another mobile user agent and you get a static snapshot of the weather or stock price at an instant in time.

There’s even an extension for Firefox for Android which changes the user agent for Google searches to Chrome, to get the rich content.

  • just a user agent, not an actual browser, which proves that it isn’t about browser capability, but rather abusing their monopolistic market position in search to further their web browser’s market share. Sound familiar, Microsoft from the 90’s?

I just tried this and confirmed it, using Firefox’s recommended user agent manager:


It’s the only one I could find so far that doesn’t have a security warning.


Adding this to your uBlock Origin filters also makes the problem go away:

www.youtube.com##+js(nano-stb, resolve(1), *, 0.001)

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This cant be legal


It’s certainly not something I would do if I was in the middle of an antitrust lawsuit. Maybe that’s why I’m not a billionaire.


I’m A YouTube Premium subscriber, and I’ve been noticing this delay on my TV for a few days now - a very noticeable, long pause when opening the home screen until the thumbnails are loaded. I’ll explicitly check other places too now, I’m not sure if it’s also happening in Firefox for me.

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Ah, I was wondering why YouTube was taking so long to load recently. I thought it was just because their code was shit, and it turns out I was right, but not in the way I thought.


Yeah, the simplest the answer is usually correct. Is this a conspiracy involving hundreds of Google employees intentionally building features to slow the app down on Firefox or is it incompetence because they don’t test their product on multiple browsers?

Edit: www.404media.co/youtube-says-new-5-second-video-l…

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Oh, so it’s shit in the way I originally thought, then.

And also shit in the second way I thought, since adblock is a symptom of how terrible they’ve made the experience on their platform and if they want less people to use it they should make that experience more reasonable.

Given the shit big companies have got up to in the past and continue to get up to, as exposed in past and ongoing antitrust cases, that conspiracy theory you mention really isn’t all that unrealistic. Yeah, it’s not what happened in this case and it isn’t the simplest solution, but it’s absolutely a believable thing for YouTube to do, though I think they would have hidden it better if they had.

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I smell a spicy lawsuit


One that will outlive Firefox, as this will turn users away while lawyers build a case. Fuckers.


Firefox isn’t going to die because of this. There are already workarounds and even if there weren’t, an open source browser isn’t dependent on bringing in revenue to stay in development.


Is it messing up in Smarttube too? Smarttube keeps buffering for me, or maybe it’s just a bug.

GTG3000, (edited )

So they’re doing the same thing as that time they killed Edge and stretched its skin over chromium?


stretched its* skin


Seriously who downvotes a bot.

Nobody’s getting hurt by a small grammar correction. People may even learn from it and be better off.


I will downvote a bot advocating for no tits every time.




True, thank you.


Not noticing this change from the EU… Guess they’re too afraid of pulling that shit here?


Google LOVES A/B testing so it might be just that. I haven’t noticed anything either.


True, could just be lucky. I still haven’t noticed any ad blocking changes either, but then again I’m using Firefox with μBlock Origin…


They’ve been caught before, but there’s no regulation for this in some regions


Big shame that this wouldn’t be illegal. But hopefully soon. Very anticompetitive behavior.


It is, just not everywhere. Like the USA


Yeah, the “everywhere” was implied, thank you 😊


I’m in the EU, using Vivaldi, and have the delay since yesterday. It’s not on every video though. Seems like UBlock and YouTube are fighting each other every time I open a new link.


That’s interesting. Could be uBlock doing its thing then, for which I’m quite thankful



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