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“her song”

That’s cute


Music already has no meaning. The quicker we completely break it down and start over, the better.


I don’t understand why people are so cynical about this, it seems like a harmless demonstration of the current state of the technology.


If you were a professional musician your opinion might be different?


How so? It’s pretty good, wait a few years and it will definitely be as good or better than human musicians. If you’re talking as if it is a treat to musicians, they can only adapt and use such techs to push forward. All professions that require reasoning are endangered, not only music.


I am a musician and I like the technology (even wanted to do research on music generation in uni), but I still think the notion that music generation will surpass human capabilities in a few years is naive.


Surpass, likely not. Yet make the career no longer financially viable?


Most people aren’t professional musicians though.




Watching the video and the head movement all I see is the Balenciaga ai meme


This is the worst AI will ever be, again.

Right now, at the end of 2023, you are seeing barely a year of public interest and widespread development, after maybe a decade of slowly grinding academic experimentation. And already it’s enough to build some Vocaloid knockoff from scratch. You can tell it’s fake, as surely as a seven-fingered hand on some anime girl staring dead into the camera. But if you think all AI drawings still look like that… you should go check.

This isn’t a threat to artists, though. It’s a threat to the industry. Real human beings who want to make art will have more and better tools than ever before. Audiences that want an endless spigot of AI content… won’t need recording studios. You can already run this stuff on your computer. Some networks are getting better by getting bigger, which demands a really fancy computer. Other networks are getting better by getting smaller. Smaller networks train faster, even if they’re deeper, more abstract, and less predictable. They run faster, too, and on lesser hardware.

Hold onto your butts, folks. It’s gonna get weird.

Also, far from the most pressing issue here, but: just say Twitter. You don’t have to respect the stupid rebrand. You know it’s stupid because everyone keeps clarifying what they mean.


Still wishing everybody would just start calling it Xitter.


Pronounced “shitter”, I assume


Of course. So you can post your xits

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Elon has no problem with people deadnaming trans people on his website so why should we avoid deadnaming his website.


The actions of bigots are not a good “golden rule” situation. You are called what you want to be called.

But a business is not a person. Fuck what they want. Businesses are called whatever people recognize.

Same shit goes for Blackwater and Facebook. Reputation is a necessary part of commerce and politics, and escaping it through shell games is idiotic bullshit we should never respect.


This is a good and valid point but in the case of X, the real shit show started after our during the renaming period. Do if you want to point out the idiotic bullshit, I think X is the way to go. Nevertheless, that’s hard to pronounce, like “I re-X-ed your X” sounds like a messed up relationship issue.


Twitter was a dumpster fire for a decade before Elmo tricked himself into buying it.

Every system is perfectly designed to produce its observed outcomes. Twitter was always a harassment engine, by design. If not by intent.


It’s not as though the article is any better - bots just wrapping up a comment thread from twitter, cramming it with ads, and presenting it as an article.

Late stage capitalist media is a dumpster fire.


Yeah, my blocked website list is growing everyday with websites that are literally just a 4 paragraph summary of a reddit post. 3 of the paragraphs are usually just "user ‘spezcocksucker’ says this but another person disagrees. Here’s the reddit link and 27 ads.

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I think it sounds the same as other shitty music I hear all the time.

I fully expect AI music to be part of the musical scene going forward.

Does it feel dystopian? Yeah, it’s not a fun future. But this is here to stay.


. I think it sounds the same as other shitty music I hear all the time.

That’s because it’s literally a machine made to copy exactly that.

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All I hear is profit for the record labels.

But yeah, AI will be able to evolve too. We will have some good AI music soon also.

In a decade, high budget movies will have some AI actors in them and people won’t notice. :)


If it gets democratized enough Labels will go the way of the dodo I think, barring legal intervention of course. Why would a radio station pay a label for something they can churn out themselves, heck they need user metrics for adverters anyways, so just set up voting for your favorite songs and get a radio station fine tuned to your audience.

At least better than the same process but done by some mega Corp trying to make a song that can be universally accepted…


AI music can be fire if you use it as a part of the artistic process, not as the end result. It’s just every fucking technocracker wants to replace the artistic process completely so they don’t have to not pay their employees any more. EDIT: Actual AI, not that OpenAI content laundering shit.


Force multipliers are great for forces of good and terrible for forces of evil.

Like wanting to make audio versions of text. Great for increasing access ability for people. Terrible when it’s just to funnel people from the texts authors to your front for money and to serve ads.

Same tools.


AI music is also going to suck if you give it shitty pop music to train on.

saigot, (edited )

YouTube link for those that want to see it for themselves.

To me the biggest problem with it is that it doesn’t understand the relationship between the meanings of the words and the melody of the song. It kinda makes it sound like a bad parody song. I think if you looked at just the lyrics or just the melody they would be quite convincing on their own.


It’s… not that bad. There’s pop out there on the radio that’s worse.


pop’s an extremely low bar.


And extremely popular bar. Hence why it’s low.



channel pinned a comment containing fascist dogwhistle

AI owners can’t be normal if they tried.


So my bad, this video is not made by the creators of the song, but by an anti-AI person, they added the subtitles, the cutaways to evil robots and the weird message at the end. They are also called “Big Data Analytics”.

Here’s something that looks more legit.


OK my bad then, that’s still a really terrible thing to pin on your channel.

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Here I am just wondering how much automation went into tuning/tweaking the voice. I’ve made some stuff in Synthesizer V Studio and that’s a big chunk of the work. Being able to load something into an AI and have it give a pass would be awesome.


Just looking at the picture this already seems like amateur work.

As for the music being … Yes it’s pretty flat and unexciting. Realistically lots of today’s music is already a remix of a remix and honestly… quite generic. Bands have been cast for looks for a long time, autotune has been here for ages, and with a better effort in the voice department I don’t see AI artists being far off. I don’t think they will ever completely replace artists here, especially since live events really are a thing of their own but… eh

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I think in the context of K-Pop it makes total sense, the music and everything around is anyway just done after a formula which has proven to work very well to sell. While right now you need to put children and teenagers through years of rigorous training and expose them to immense stress and pressure so most of them break, with AI you can easily replicate the same formula and refine much quicker without throwing so many young people into the meat grinder of the music industry.

More money and control for the companies less people killing themselves.

The ones who really burn for the music will make music despite AI music being available. And they also will find an audience, even though it might be smaller.


While right now you need to put children and teenagers through years of rigorous training and expose them to immense stress and pressure so most of them break

Uh… I don’t think that’s a necessary part of the process to making k-pop, or any kind of music. Industry people may think it’s critical to making themselves shit-loads of money, but it’s not important for the creation music or even selling the music.

jeena, avatar

Yeah, that’s what I meant with the rest of my text that people will make music still, and this corporate breaking the children and teenagers can be replaced by AI.

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Quite disturbing to see open support for our own dispossession rationalized this way.

jeena, avatar

I’m a programmer, we’ve been advocating and working on replacing ourselves with scripts since the 50ies.


What I worry about this is mainstream becoming “accustomed” to assemblyline content by AI. What if eventually people start actually consider the conformity to be good thing and originality deviant? Of course there will always be people who dont care what other think but vast majority of people seems to at least on some level be very conscious about it.

Imagine being the weird one just because you don’t like ai generated crap

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When you think about it, that’s pretty much the history of boy bands, going all the way back to the Monkees. The faces were carefully chosen for demographic reasons, the songs were written by the labels and targeted for specific demographics, the faces’ histories were largely constructed fictions (and published through “unauthorized” fan magazines and books that were ghostwritten by the labels and laundered through other publishing companies). The only real difference is that now software is being used for it rather than marketing teams.


well, at least there is less human suffering involved now

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Have you seen the movie WALL-E? The people on the space-ship they’re consuming engaging content all day long, nobody is creating anything anymore, so all this must been created by the AI. I’m just trying to say that it’s not a novel idea. Writers and artists have been imagining this future for ourselves for a long time.

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How to make line assembled pop music even more sterile and devoid of soul. Now at one thousandth the cost! But wait, how are CEOs going to molest child artists when they aren’t real?!


They just molest regular childer I reckon

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no way!

PoisonedPrisonPanda, (edited )

Looking at the hateful comments gives me shivers when thinking how humans will proceed with machines on an emotional level.

If we ever reach sentinent AI, it will go towards I-Robot plot. Ill bet.

Edit typos


iRobot and WALL-E soon to be facts


I’m sorry, Dave


iRobot […] soon to be facts

Beware the sinister Roomba, what are they doing with all the dirt they steal from our floors?


Or Battlestar Galactica. Create a new species, make them humanoid, make them sentient, and then treat them like shit. Great.

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I don’t hate the technology, I hate the corporate fascists using it to further erode human culture and turn the planet into generic brand toothpaste.


I have been thinking the exact same.

Better movie comparison: A.I. Artificial Intelligence by Steven Spielberg


Brendan gleesan was really in every fucking (good) movie at that time…


Good thing the stuff people call AI now isn’t and never will be capable of emotion, that way I can call it and things it generates stupid and bad and worthless without anyone getting offended :3


That picture is weird, there’s some AI nonsense going on with the microphone shock mount, and her jaw doesn’t line up with the rest of her face. Plus the usual uncanny valley weirdness of an AI generated image.

Not even going to bother with the song.


But it’s so bad you have to


It’s not worth giving any attention to so it doesn’t spread any further.


Yeah but like you gotta

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