Surely this is against anti-trust laws.

Imagine if Microsoft slowed down everything that wasn’t on their services, it’s insane.


User-Agent switcher.


While this is abhorrent, I have to say in general Firefox is just painfully slow on mobile compared to other browsers. Don’t know what it’s doing but I stopped using it because it’s noticeably slow.


90% of the time I go to search something in Firefox it just straight up refuses to load anything and I have to close the tab and start another…


Eh? I use it on my phone all the time, and it works just fine.


Which phone do you use?


Pixel 6 here, no issues.

AprilShowers, avatar

Pixel 2 XL, also no issues or even any noticeable deltas between Chromium based browsers and Firefox.


Pixel 6 and Samsung A45 here Firefox is so fast I never had a complain or needed to use chrome or Samsung browser


I’m using Fold 5 and can tell a difference in scrolling performance between Samsung Internet and Firefox. There are also some issues regarding how the UI handles transition between folded to unfolded and vice versa.

This is a known issue


Doogee s96 pro.

naeap, avatar

Pixel 7 Pro on GrapheneOS
No issues. Been using Firefox on mobile and especially Linux since ever

wholeofthemoon, (edited )

Yeah I’ve gone and deleted the cache and data then did a reinstall. Seems better now

Edit: nope still shit


This used to happen to me all the time but I think it randomly stopped.


Use Invidious or Piped in combination with LibRedirect in order to automatically redirect all YouTube links to Invidious or Piped.


The worst part is that a Youtube Premium Subscription costs more than Netflix or other streaming providers here in Australia… And you’re basically paying for ad removal of a metric ton of low quality content (and their music service, which isn’t as good as others I found)

That being said, this might not be true (I’ve seen lots of BS online regarding browsers in the past)


And it doesn’t remove promotions by the content creators, so you’re still seeing lots of ads. Still, since my kids spend so much time on YouTube I think it’s worth reducing the amount of brain washing, but I’m definitely not happy about the pricing. It’s ridiculous when you compare it to other streaming services who also have to produce or license their content.


How about seeing YouTube adverts to then watch a video that’s entirely an advertisement for the company that’s sponsoring the YouTuber.


when the email came through for the price hike, I told my wife we should drop the family plan and use more advanced adblocking and invidous etc - apparently my demo didn’t pass the wife and children test… so guess who’s continuing to pay for YT Premium?


Can you ditch the wife and kids?



That’s actually my suggestion. Clearly the wife is nuts


Decided to test it out myself on Firefox and Edge. Didn’t get the delay, but did get ads both times because I don’t have adblockers set up over there. The second was unskippable. Ugh.


I tested it in Firefox InPrivate, Edge, Brave, and Chrome and all are identical for me. I think they just fucked up YouTube. 😂


Could also just be a rolling release.


It’s fucking incredible watching Google change from a fairly well-liked company into essentially fucking Comcast. Fucking incredible.


Change from? I doubt they will stop being a fairly well hliked company in my lifetime


Well I’ve gone from being entirely indifferent to strongly disliking Google. I am actively and somewhat successfully in the process of de-googling. I encourage my friends to do the same, with some success. I think the writing is on the wall. Google seems to have no desire to maintain any sort of goodwill or positive feeling amongst the general public, whom it clearly views as a naturally occurring resource rather than a customer base. Nobody can predict the future but I don’t have a good feeling about the future of the company. Perhaps they will be able to diversify, but their recent actions show both that they deeply misunderstand their product and also that they lack good ideas about how to progress and evolve as an organisation. Fuck Google. All my homies hate Google.


The hardest part of ‘de-googling’ is the stranglehold it has on email. Between them and microsoft, I’ve only seen a few companies (small to medium size) that don’t use one of those two as the email. It’s mind-boggling. If either of them ever got testy, they could bring entire sectors down just by using the information stored in emails on.

ArtVandelay, avatar

Unchecked capitalism is a real motherfucker ain’t it?


See also checked capitalism.

Endorkend, avatar

All I have left to say about Google and Youtube in particular is that Youtubes ads have become so problematic, both in amount and quality (like seriously, people get banned for using innocuous words in videos targeted at adult audiences, yet completely fucked up ads are squarely targeted at children) and at this point, it's time for YouTube to die.

A new platform needs to come along.

Which will be hard since Google has such a stranglehold on the datacenter and backbone level that they have an absolute advantage when it comes to bandwidth and storage costs. Which is the main cost for video platforms like YouTube.

ElBarto, avatar

The only thing stopping a viable replacement for YouTube is the servers, google essentially has an infinite amount of server space, you would have to match them on that, decentralization would help bare the load, but there will become a time when even those servers will need to dramatically expand their server count.

JWBananas, avatar

It’s not just storage capacity either. Google uses custom silicon just to keep up with all the transcoding.…/new-era-video-infrastructure/

At the time that article was released (April 2021), users were uploading over 500 hours of video per minute.


Yeah, I don’t think people understand quite how astronomical an undertaking it is to replace this shit. People like to quote things like AWS, but AWS is a) expensive and b) general purpose. As such, it might be able to solve the problem, but not nearly as efficiently. It would cost you proportionally WAY MORE than Google is paying to keep YT alive, so that gives you an extra giant hurdle on top of the other complexity.

Web hosting with low latency is hard. Huge data storage is hard. Transcodinf is hard. Constant uptime is hard. Search is hard. Recommendations are hard. Making it profitable is hard. Starting an ad service that isn’t googles is hard. Convincing content creators to move there is hard. Convincing consumers to look there is hard. Sure, any of these problems have remotely comparable analogs. But you have to solve all of them simultaneously to get anywhere near competing with YouTube. And since Google owns the whole “stack”, it’s much cheaper for them then it’ll be for you.

Kick probably makes a decent comparison here. But they’re A) solving a subset of the problem B) fighting against a company that has extremely clear problems (arguably much worse than YouTube) C) is in a tech savvy-er demographic D) is funded by mega-casinos with tons of money and a vested interest in the product E) fighting in a market with less inertia so viewers and creators can move easier F) fighting twitch instead if YT which is smaller and younger.

And they’re still not really all that much competition.

jaykay, avatar

I think with everything that’s going on, self hosting will become kind of like a smartphone, everyone has a server. Then the creators host files, and you transcode them on your hardware


Not gonna happen


TBF I’ve seen a rare behavior in FF that makes some websites load slowly for no good reason (not an adblock thing). Anticompetitive either way but Google could be exploiting this bug.


I think you give them too much credit. From what I’ve seen, it’s just a setTimeout call for 5 seconds if you’re on Firefox, which is similar to what all those shady cookie popups from TrustArc do if you click “Reject all”.


This happens all the time to me on Android. Sites, especially Google searches, sometimes take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to load. It’s frustrating when I’m in a rush.

j4k3, avatar

Someone should investigate deeply. My combo of a whitelist firewall on an OpenWRT variant and Graphene often has a bandwidth issue that is clearly software related only after watching something from YT. I can stop the apps manually and close everything related to browsing and the connection issue still exists. I can disconnect the internet from my router and the problem still persists. However, if I shutdown all 3 devices for a few minutes and bring them up fresh, the network connection is flawless. Something is running in memory, and I believe it is related to YT, but I lack the skills to break it down further. I like to run an AI server and it is simply useless if anything on the network has connected to YT since booting.

I’ve also noticed when family is watching YT premium (not something I use) and I am downloading a LLM from HF, the internet bandwidth of our network more than doubles on my wired connection. In between the streaming packets from YT the speed on the download jumps massively. If family is watching YT, I can actually download a LLM faster. That just seems odd to me that those are connected.


Maybe your ISP has some sort of agreement with yt?

j4k3, avatar

Does that seem legitimate to you? There are many more implications below the surface with this. Yes, YT has little black boxes that cache content locally with ISPs that also means they are likely filtering all data. I don’t like that part, but I can live with it.

The idea that something is running on my device that seems to be hidden, but where I can stop the behavior by flushing the memory; that is extremely alarming. If I understand it correctly they have direct memory access for streaming video through h.264. Whatever they are doing is causing me to drop connections and impacting my WiFi signal stability even when offline doing tasks unrelated to YT. As soon as I reboot the problem is gone. I distrust them so much now that I do a hard reboot any time I watch YT. (It improves battery life as well.) This is criminal behavior if my speculative analysis is correct and they are running stuff like this in the background. I’m running a combo where I control every aspect of my network. This should not be happening in my circumstance.

JWBananas, avatar

Sometimes, less is more.

I would recommend trimming all your custom configuration from your router/firewall, one change at a time, until you can no longer reproduce the issue.

Or go the other way around: set up a barebones configuration, confirm the issue is resolved, and begin adding one customization at a time until it breaks.

How do your bufferbloat tests look?

It sounds like you have a lot of stateful inspection configured. YouTube’s heavy usage of QUIC (i.e. UDP transport) may not play well with your config.

And, incidentally, what does your hardware look like?

Frankly, even the most barebones router should be able to handle YouTube. I am running pfSense in an ESXi VM, with passthru Intel gigabit NICs, 2 GB reserved RAM, and 2 vCPU (shared, but with higher priority than other VMs) on a Dell desktop with a second-gen i7 that was shipped from the factory in 2012.

Yes, I am routing on decade-old hardware. And I have never seen anything like what you are describing.

YouTube should “just work.”

I am going to assume that if you’re running OpenWRT, then you are probably using a typical consumer router? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Have you by any chance tried backing up your OpenWRT config and going back to stock firmware?

I know, I know, OpenWRT is great. I have a consumer router that I flashed with it to use strictly as a wireless AP.

But consumer devices flashed with vanilla OpenWRT tend to have very, very little resources left over to handle fun configurations.

And I have a feeling some of the fun configuration might be contributing to your issues.

j4k3, avatar

After further investigation, apparently one of my routers 2.4G antennae is either held low or more likely fried. Sometimes the firmware is switching the working antenna more rapidly, enough to cause server outputs to look stable but other times it sticks on transmit or receive and doesn’t toggle. Gradio is apparently not robust enough to compensate for the inconsistent connection.

It sucks because the router is from PCWRT and the dude updates and maintains the router and supplies a simplified interface. I’ve used it for years. It looks like LUCY has come a long way since I used it last. I have a couple of the same routers as the PCWRT router I was going to flash with OpenWRT, but the documentation for flashing this model is terrible. I guess I am going to need to figure out something going forward now. …so yeah, maybe not YT.

JWBananas, avatar

When your layer 1 problem turns into a layer 3 problem 😅


So Alphabet:

  • is the developer the most used browser (chrome) and its open source skeleton (chromium) on which most of all of the other browsers are based on (edge, brave etc)
  • has the most used video platform online, with no close second (unless you count porn, but i’d still argue its not close)
  • has the biggest share of devices relying on its platform worldwide (android)
  • has the most used search engine worldwide.

Alphabet has to be split up. Alphabet alone is deciding what shape internet will take in the future.


is the developer the most used browser (chrome) and its open source skeleton (chromium) on which most of all of the other browsers are based on (edge, brave etc)

Which was branched from Apple’s open Webkit base, but let’s all also forget about that.

They take the IP of others, spin it a bit and then block everyone. Burn them down.


Acting like Apple didn’t do the same thing with khtml to make WebKit.

HollandJim, (edited )


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  • jackhp95,

    They totally do though. You can ONLY use webkit on any iOS device. Chrome, Firefox, etc. they all are forced to use webkit on iOS. Neither Google or Apple are treating the web nicely, but at least you have a choice to use a different browser. Apple makes that effectively impossible.


    Also you can’t really use Apple TV properly without an Apple device. Same with iCloud. Actually really any service they make only works properly with their full stack.

    HollandJim, (edited )


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  • Bene7rddso,

    I want Firefox (with its engine, not webkit) on my phone. With Apple that’s not possible



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  • jackhp95,

    It’s easy to not have Firefox on your device, just don’t install it. Why should apple prevent you from being able to do that?

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    They didn’t do anything of the sort. We don’t need to endlessly recite the history of everything developed. If you want to call attention to it go right ahead but they didn’t give Apple a pass.

    namingthingsiseasy, (edited )

    The inevitable fate of any useful software that’s not GPL.

    When will people learn???

    Edit: Ironically, KHTML was originally LGPL. So modifications to KHTML were required to be open source by the license, but Chrome itself isn’t required to be open source (at least as far as I understand it, I am not an expert here). Nevertheless, if it were stronger GPL, then it probably wouldn’t have been impossible to write features like DRM in chrome. So I would have been a bit of an idiot to say that KHTML isn’t GPL (because LGPL is a weaker version of GPL), but in effect, the outcome is the same - all because of that big fat L at the beginning.


    All of those are meaningless peanuts versus

    • Owns the biggest (borderline only) web ad service in the world
    spartanatreyu, avatar

    My long bet: The EU will force Google Search + Ads, to separate from Youtube within a decade.


    God bless the EU. Actually protecting its consumers

    Endorkend, avatar

    I suspect this is less of a slowdown and more of a "we're trying to detect adblockers and in Chrome we can do most of this check on the application level which is fast, while on Firefox we have to do it the extra slow way and we CBA to optimize any of it because the delay is to our advantage."

    scroll_responsibly, avatar

    Nope, in the article it shows a hard coded 5 second delay.


    It’s a standard timeout function without any context. Most likely thing is that it tries to load an ad and if that doesn’t work in these 5 seconds, then the anti adblock popup is displayed. If you don’t use an adblock, the site loads instantly cause the ad is detected. If you use ublock, you see neither the ad nor the popup, so everything that’s left is a 5 seconds timeout.

    While it definitely is shady coding, it’s an anti adblock “feature” caused by incompetent design and not an anti Firefox thing.

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    It might be an anti Adblock feature caused by incompetent design, and it might be an anti Firefox thing. Or it might be something else altogether or some mixed version of the above. You don’t know, neither does anyone else.


    Exactly, no one knows, but here we are on the 7th article saying Google is slowing down Firefox on purpose. That’s the least likely option by far. That would get them into multiple anti consumer and anti monopoly lawsuits while probably breaching their contract with FF at the same time. Alphabets board of advisors isn’t run by Elon musk, they know pretty much what they can get away with and wouldn’t be stupid enough to try something this big while they are already beeing monitored by the EU.

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    The articles clearly say that the cause is unclear and that it’s an ongoing controversy. If you had read the one for this thread you’d see that. They were very transparent about that.

    You are the one here saying it’s definitely one way and not another.

    it’s an anti adblock “feature” caused by incompetent design and not an anti Firefox thing.

    j4k3, avatar

    Not quite in practice. I can’t say what they are doing, but I can say, there are 3 main web addresses that must be enabled in a whitelist firewall to view YT. If these are white listed, videos will load and play but half the time the connection is terrible. However, I never see a warning message about an ad blocker. They know the difference somehow. I don’t need to run an ad blocker because I run the ultimate undesired web connection blocker. They simply manipulate my connection and it impacts things on my network even when I am no longer connected to the internet at the router by removing the wired connection. (hard booting my server/router/devices solves the problem)

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    I’m honestly not willing to give them that much benefit of the doubt at this stage. But I also acknowledge we don’t have concrete evidence of deliberate sabotage.

    aegisgfx877, avatar

    If thats the case then they still are not able to do it even with the delay cuz they havent blocked me yet


    I post videos a few times a year to share events with family. I just posted a few yesterday. I can’t in good faith continue to post to YT and encourage my family to use it as the platform declares war on their users.

    But what else is there that allows me to post videos for free and my family can just watch them without having to install a new app, register for yet another service or configure some obscure plug in?

    sheepishly, avatar

    There's other services, but they're populated largely by the sort of people Youtube has kicked off entirely, which some people don't like.


    Hop on a peertube instance. There are ones made by normal people, eg. (this one probably won’t accept your registration, but just showcasing).

    If you heavily compress your videos or if they’re not very long, you could also upload a .mp4 file to a file host or just your own website ( Then the browser would just download and play the .mp4 file.

    triplenadir, avatar

    no there is no (good) option that doesn’t involve you signing up for an account. but that seems like a weird requirement; you were willing to sign up for youtube?


    You could post the video to Dropbox or something? They might have to download the full video before playback, but i wouldn’t be surprised if some file sharing services are smart enough to stream video.


    Odysee fits the bill but be warned there are some conspiracy theorists nuts and nerds on there.

    teft, avatar

    The delay also does not trigger just once; it is reportedly triggered every time YouTube links are opened in a new tab.

    This part got me yesterday as I was listening to music. I loaded a new video in a tab and the other tab waited 5 seconds. I thought I had paused it or something but nope, every time you load a new tab it delays all the other tabs by 5 seconds.


    This is the exact reason I don’t trust anything hosted online. If it’s something I want to enjoy more than once, I download it.

    Companies hosting things online tend to become authoritarian dictators in all but name, which is their right as they own the services and hardware. But it almost always makes the end user experience shitty and overly complicated, or filled with spyware, or requires you give away your rights to privacy or lawsuit, etc…

    So if there’s a song or something that I like online, I’m downloading that and keeping it on my computer to listen to whenever I feel like it. I don’t have the time or energy to play games with these greedy ass corporations.

    And the ironic part is, that while they would absolutely froth the mouth about me doing this, they’re the ones that drove me to it. It feels like an emotionally abusive relationship, are they keep making our just a man some gaslighting me, then getting angry when I fight back or tell them no.

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    I would at least partially challenge they own the service and hardware if only because they are using taxpayer funded internet infrastructure.



    I think you probably have a point there. Not sure about the details and nuance, 'cause I’m not that smart, but there is something there.

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    It’s definitely nuanced and like I said it’s sort of an “ehhh kinda” statement haha so your pause is warranted


    Oh, dang, that was civil and anticlimactic of us. Um…

    I mean:

    How dare you! This is the internet. You’re supposed to immediately call me Hitler for…reasons. This slight shall not stand. Expect a strongly worded letter from my emissary forthwith. Good day!

    BolexForSoup, avatar



    It's pretty simple actually. Big companies took billions upon billions of dollars in federal subsidies and grants handed out to them via taxation of the public, then when they got just about done building the thing they spent all our money on, they erected a nice shiny gate at the front and charged us admission. But not before bribing donating to criminals politicians to ensure zero competition or risk to their non-investment. It's rampant capitalism defined.

    The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

    Is this arguably anticompetitive and illegal?

    schwim, avatar

    Nobody can even state that it’s actually happening “for competitive browsers” as even Chrome users are reporting an unexplained lag/slowdown. At this point, it’s just wild speculation and bandwagoning.


    There’s been multiple posts pointing to some possibly “wait for ads to finish loading” type code. It’s quite possible that it’s just bugged in Firefox etc since browsers are horrendously inconsistent etc.

    But that doesn’t make a cool headline so instead the “it’s Google being evil” story is the popular one.

    sibachian, avatar

    it was already made public in the lawsuit some weeks ago that they are indeed slowing down youtube for firefox.



    Ottomateeverything, (edited )


    I’ve read a lot on this and never saw any conclusive claim here.

    There were claims many years ago by Mozilla about this, and it had to do with slow APIs in Mozilla that YouTube was using…

    There’s also been many known performance issues in a lot of the APIs/libraries Google/YouTube use on Mozilla for many years. And Mozilla just hasn’t been able to keep up.

    I don’t see anything about this in recent history, because everything is just floods of people complaining about this round, with still no conclusive evidence that this is happening intentionally. YouTube is currently on a ad-block-blocker crusade and their code keeps changing and there’s nothing to conclusively indicate that this is malice and not just a bug in the way Mozilla performs.

    So as much as everyone seems happy to burn the witch because of poor performance, I’m not ready to jump to that conclusion until there’s actually evidence of this being intentional. Especially when this smells a lot like a long standing different problem. “Someone said they are” is not going to convince me. Especially if you can’t even point to that someone saying that thing.


    You absolutely can tell what's happening by reading the source code. They are using a listener and a delay for when ontimeupdate promise is not met, which timeouts the entire connection for 5 full seconds.

    schwim, avatar

    I’m sorry but I don’t see how that check is browser-specific. Is that part happening on the browser side?


    They don’t need to put incriminating “if Firefox” statements in their code – the initial page request would have included the user agent and it would be trivial to serve different JavaScript based on what it said.


    Easy enough to test though. Load the page with a UA changer and see if it still shows up when Firefox pretends to be Chrome


    The video in the linked article does just that. The page takes 5 seconds to load the video, the user changes the UA, they refresh the page and suddenly the video loads instantly. I would have liked to see them change the UA back to Firefox to prove it’s not some weird caching issue though


    Yeah, and also Edge or an older version of Chrome etc just to be sure.


    I guess his question is “is that happening?”


    Well, at least I learned that javascript understands exponential notation. I never even bothered to try that lol


    Can I have ublock block that? It seems simple enough to extract that code out.

    BolexForSoup, (edited ) avatar

    It’s not wild speculation as there is compelling, if incomplete, evidence. And to describe everyone’s reaction as “bandwagoning” is ridiculous. Firefox and Mullvad are my daily drivers. This directly impacts me. The fediverse is going to have a disproportionate number of non-chrome users.

    schwim, avatar

    I also use FF solely and have no slowdowns on YT. I guess they like my copy of the browser.

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    I’ve duplicated it on 4 machines across 3 OS’s (windows 11, macOS, steamOS). Glad you got lucky. I’m sure you’re also familiar with A/B testing but if not I’m happy to explain it.

    It is absolutely possible there is a reasonable explanation but for you to say 1) nothing is happening and 2) it’s “bandwagoning” is, again, ridiculous. Especially if your evidence is “well mine is fine,” which is not acceptable troubleshooting procedure.


    Not all regions are served with the same scripts. That’s why the ad-block pop-up was shown for some users but not for others or at a later time for others. This also affected the update cycle of those anti-adblock scripts.

    The reason for that is quite simple. New stuff is rolled out to only some users at first as some sort of beta testing procedure. If many people complain about functionality issues and all of those have the new version of the script, Google knows there is something wrong with it.


    “works fine on my machine lol” is unhelpful and useless.

    It’s very well known that Google makes heavy use of a/b testing. They did it with the adblock block and they’re doing it with this

    schwim, avatar

    “It happens all the time” and “they always do *” is also comically unhelpful and useless. I’m getting a pot/kettle vibe from those that seem to take offense at my comment.


    Where’s the proof? Note: I didn’t read the article

    BolexForSoup, avatar

    Then read it?


    no thanks… I havent had any issues… been using firefox since v1.0

    BolexForSoup, (edited ) avatar

    I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do lol



    BolexForSoup, avatar

    I mean you’re saying you want proof, don’t read the article, then say you don’t care because it works for you. Do you not understand why that’s a little perplexing? Anyway, I’ve said my piece. I don’t imagine it will be a very productive discussion. Have a good week.


    Then why did you ask for proof lol


    Don’t worry, there isn’t proof in the article either. There’s a snippet of code out of context, and a video that, while it shows a loading delay, doesn’t show the code being executed.


    Ya. This whole thing is very silly, and it’s really sad how little critical thinking is going on here.


    How short are our attention spans that we make judgments based on things we didn’t read?

    Get off TikTok It’s breaking your brain

    You can literally see it for yourself. Download Firefox, download Chrome. It will literally take you 5 minutes to test this out


    Been using Firefox since v1

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