Hupf, avatar

It’s hard to be the head of the Klingon umpire

Naate, avatar
wjrii, avatar

Where's the typo? My horse is glorious, and she is my personal heroin.

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

You bring dishonor upon this glorious horse toady.

FlatFootFox, avatar

Shout out to Lemmy letting you re-upload remodulate images on existing posts. This gets me every time.


Me every freaken time


What’s with you horses today, OP?

Stamets, avatar

Clippity Clop, motherfucker!


Do you wish to be referred to as a “Brony” now?

FlyingSquid, avatar
Stamets, avatar
Trubble, avatar

Congratulations you have discovered the difference between “colour” and “color”.

ininewcrow, avatar
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