I love LotR, but when your significant other says they want to fuck, the answer is always “hell yeah!”. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, or how you feel. The answer is always “YES!”. I told my wife that if my answer is ever “no”, then she needs to smack me upside the head and suggest a psych evaluation.


So, more LOTR = more fuck?

ickplant, avatar

In my mind it’s more like more fuck = less LOTR.


Why not do both at the same time? Very sensual during Aragorn’s memory flashbacks and I’m sure you can imagine how things might go during Helm’s Deep.

Thavron, avatar

Blow it like they blew the outer ring wall 😏


The movies are 4hrs long, you’re not going to miss much in 8 seconds.


8 seconds? Damn champ what’s your secret?


Nah, I’m lighting the signal fires.

Pons_Aelius, (edited )

Why you knock back the ride if a Rohirrim was offering a mount?

bestusername, (edited ) avatar

You can definitely do both!

HubertManne, avatar

yeah. came to say you don't have to stop watching something just because your having sex. get some food in there and you have the trifecta!

agent_flounder, avatar

Look at ol multitasker over here, Mr Quad Core

I gotta time slice that shit.


I don’t know if I could get it on while watching Wormtongue


Helps you last longer

bestusername, avatar

I gave my wife a good wormtongue during that scene.


You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals…


Do it doggy style so we can both watch X-Files The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Special Extended Edition

Deuces, (edited )

So let’s do it like we’re bees under the light of the trees


Can confirm

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