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App won't install again after uninstall

I uninstalled an app and checked the box to save app data. Now I need the app again and it will not download from play store. Upon clicking “install” it throws an error “something went wrong on our end. please try again.” and just a “got it” button… tried to clear play services and play store cache and storage,...

Pomodoro App

I’m looking for a full-featured, lightweight Pomodoro timer. Not having much luck in the app store for various reasons. Some only have 25/5 cycles (My ideal is 50/10 and I need to work up to that), another wouldn’t work with my headphones, another wouldn’t alarm until the screen was turned on(???). At this point it’s...

How can I find why certain apps are draining my battery (when they are not in use)?

My phone (Galaxy S22+, running OneUI 6.0) was inactive yesterday for 18 hours straight. On those hours the battery went from 60% to 25%. I checked and the main two causes were: 13.6% - Firefox 12.2% - Always on Display. The AOD I get, it was indeed on all this time. Altough it is a bit disapointing that it uses this much...

Any way to find out what causes my phone to freeze randomly?

I’m too lazy to do a full reset of my phone, so I was wondering if there is a way to help me pinpoint what exactly happens when my phone freezes. I do have a decent amount of apps but non of those really run in the background (to my knowledge). I also do have a custom ROM so it could also be just a bug in it, but while the...

why are some apps not compatible with my pixel?

Hello! I have a pixel 7 with GrapheneOS, and would like to install eSpeak as TTS engine. On fdroid there is no release available, and on github if I download the apk and try to install it, a “the app cannot be installed because your device is not compatible” error is thrown. Why this? And how can I install it?

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