For those who prefer an app, so they aren’t tied to an OEM’s settings, I use BuzzKill for notification history, along with it’s more infamous tool set - deep notification management. Its a paid app, but it’s a one time purchase of less than $5 when I bought it.


I have wanted something like this but didn’t realize it was possible. Thanks for the heads up.

Link for others.


I hate that when I click on the Settings for a Notification I do not get any information on the category of the notification. You have to go into 3 settings to get to your notification history and there it shows the category. Bad phone!!!


This isn’t an ad.

BUT this is why I was thinking my next device would be the one where you can replace parts if they go out. I think the OS is able to be custom roms. Tbh I haven’t looked too much into it. It’s called the Fair Phone.

I haven’t dug too much into it but I’m definitely interested. If anyone else has any hands on xp, let me know how it is.


price to specs is a huge thing for me, I looked into it but ultimately went against it due to the specs underperforming the other major brands. It is a good concept though


Anything else that is similar?


it doesn’t even work in my region, so it’s a no go.

I like the idea of the fairphone. And it would be nice if you could upgrade individual modules, like the camera, battery, or screen. But that would probably require way higher costs in support

sabreW4K3, avatar

Notification History should be tabbed. It’s absurd that I need to scroll down three quarters of a long page just to figure out what the latest notification was from.


I get that some people are annoyed when different phones have settings in slightly different menus, but we should just be teaching people to rely on search in settings rather than memorizing where each phone puts individual settings.


If settings organization made any sense, the (far from perfect) search wouldn’t be necessary.

Hell, even top-level settings aren’t sortable, and whatever order they’re in makes sense only to the person who ordered it that way.


It’s a double edged sword. DO we want Android to be more like Windows? That’s the only way you won’t have OEMs making their own unique hierarchy of menus in settings. It’s all a part of a “familiarity” strategy. Get someone used to the way one phone is organized, then they will complain that another phone isn’t “intuitive”. Either we teach people to lean on search, or we ask for Google to take over more of the “unification” of Android.


Problem comes when settings are called different things in different phones

I’ve almost exclusively used stock android and was trying to turn gesture control on for a Samsung phone the other day

Boy did that one take a lot of looking even with using search


Why have they got three separate areas for it? That seens really counterintuitive IMO

Searching on stock Android gives a handful of results, but they’re all under one dedicated system area called “Gestures” 🫠 not spread out across several like what Samsung has done


And why is, what I presume to be gesture control with the navbar, under “Sound and Vibration”

skullgiver, avatar

They’re talking about the notification history. Some brands have put it in the settings.

No need to read the AI-generated fluff around the screenshots now.

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