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Intro about XDA forum (skippable)I was using a lot for anything that was related to Android development and phone support. (ROM etc…) But it became rotten --> 😱 😱

Current situation ton Install another ROM ~OSAs you may know, in order to install another ROM For example to get rid of Google ! 👿 You need one that is specifically build for your devices for example: is so inefficient ! You might have heard of Treble that focus on this problem - ……/here-comes-treble-modular-base-…-…/what-is-android-treble/sadly it’s made by google 👿 and I doubt that they will release all the code. We will see. If you don’t know what is AOSP <–

The question : How to install AOSP on a "Supported device"I’ve always use only google-free smartphone ! But OMG it’s time consuming. 1. Found a smartphone ( with the spec you want and in your budget ) 2. Check if you can have\import it in your “country” 3. Check if someone already cook a ROM that support that specific model 4. or create it by yourself (even more time consuming ) 5. Sometimes: bypass any protection that prevent to install another ROM ! 6. Finally install the ROM’s, boot loader etc… At this time, when it seem that Treble is not there yet… Do you have a quicker path\Solution ? Thanks

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